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Ayubowan (“May you live long and be healthy”). This is our Greetings. we are warmly welcome you to beautiful Island Srilanka. Spend your Holiday Tour with your dreams & get an unmemorable true travel experience.

Sri Lanka Coco Tours. We are well established tour company in Sri Lanka. We delight to offer you our service in the travel & tourism industry as a ground tour operator. We present you tailored made guided tour packages well suit to your budgets as well as you can create your own dream tour itineraries by our destination experts.

Select your preferred destinations where you want to travel & plan your desired holiday tour as you wish so we are willing offer you our transport service (Car with Driver). This is the best option for you discover Sri Lanka smoothly.

we use fleet of modern comfortable vehicles for your transportations also the team of trustworthy well experienced English speaking private drivers drove you safely any destinations of this beautiful island & they make very convenient travel experience every moment in your holiday tour.

We always keep attention make your holiday tour truly enjoyable one & the team of Coco Tours mission is go beyond your expectation to create unmemorable Holiday Tour.

Your dreams become true. Hassle free let us to create your dream tour.
The Team of Coco Tours.


Drive through your favorite destinations in Sri Lanka.  Hire a Car with Driver.  

We offer you our transport service with different kind of comfortable vehicles like Cars / Vans / Mini buses / Coaches with experienced Drivers.  Select your preferred vehicle with your private driver.

We offer very reasonable rates & we guarantee safe & comfortable travel throughout our Holiday tour.

Hotel Reservations

We would assist booking your hotel accommodations instead of you. We belief it will be more convenient planning your holiday tour.

Tailor made - Tour Packages.

We offer you a range of Tailor made Tour Packages. Day Tours & Multiday Tours. (Individual & Groups).

Savour Your Next Holiday

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